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Inspired by Material Design and Bootstrap and from a few other takes on modern UI, I just finished Vuecidity – a UI component library for Vue.js and a free, open source project.

Vuecidity provides developers with a huge set of 30+ UI components, 24-column responsive layout grid system, styles and colors, beautifully crafted form elements and a couple of useful Vue directives, which allows them to concentrate on the functionality of the web, iOS, Android and desktop apps they build. Powered by Vue, Vuecidity can be used to simultaneously develop amazing responsive websites, PWAs, desktop applications (through Electron) or mobile apps (through Cordova) using the same codebase written in ES6. SSR as well as many more components are on the roadmap and will be available in upcoming versions as Vuecidity is in constant development and improvement. The library is available for installation via npm and adding it to your project is quick and easy.

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