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The new and shiny version 3.0 of AcidJs.Ribbon (formerly known as Ribbonbar.UI) is out!


AcidJs.Ribbon is arguably among the best recreations of the desktop ribbon bar with JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. It is skinnable, fully AJAX driven component that is ready to use on any website, WYSIWYG editors or JavaScript-heavy apps. What you can you do with a MS Office like ribbon bar in web environment? Whether use it for navigation, associate it with your WYSIWYG editor, use in an email application, display links to your favorite social websites or simply build your entire webpage around it – this depends only on you.


AcidJs.Ribbon has everything you would expect from a ribbon bar – cool looks, comprehensive and easy API, amazing command handling, different sets of inbuilt tools, cool looks. And at last, but not least – deploying and configuring it is a matter of minutes.


Key Features

  • New user-friendly API with poweful methods, callbacks and events, allowing full control of the ribbon behavior.
  • Support for multiple ribbon instances on a single page.
  • New modern and fully CSS3 skin with fallback for older browsers.
  • Width of groups can be “auto”, percentage or pixels.
  • Server platform independent.
  • New event state-of-the-art tool event handling.
  • Support for tool buttons with text.
  • If dropdown tool name is "font-face", its items items are automatically styled with the font itself and sorted alphabetically.
  • If dropdown tool name is "font-size", its items are styled with the font-size itself.
  • New configuration error and warning handling.
  • Support for optional and fully customizable “file” tab menu with support for different button color.
  • Ribbon expand/collapse functionality.
  • Support for optional and fully configurable “quick access” toolbar.
  • Optional onUnsupported callback.
  • Optional cssClasses array that can be applied to the rendering node.


Sounds good? You can check the info on this page, or go directly to the demo from this link! Download links are provided on each page!
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