Builder.CSS 2.0 Minifier and Merger is Out

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The new and improved version of Builder.CSS Minifier and Merger is out.

What is Builder.CSS?

Builder.CSS is a free tool for merging and minifying style sheets into a single file and thus reducing HTTP requests and file download time. It features cool UI with various options for adding, removing and rearranging files via drag-and-drop, build and output options and is extremely fast and responsive even with a large number of files that need to be compiled. You can use it along with Builder.JS JavaScript Obfuscator, Merger and Minifier.

What’s New in Version 2.0?




Get Builder.CSS. It’s Free.

You can download it from this link or from its home page on Acid.JS. If you like Builder.CSS, maybe you will find Builder.JS JavaScript Minifier, Merger and Obfuscator also useful tool. As usual, the new version has been included to the latest release of Acid.JS Web.UI.

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