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Following last week’s release of Builder.CSS, I decided to create a similar tool for merging, minification and obfuscation of JavaScript. I am happy to announce the result of my new experiment, called Builder.JS.

The major difference compared to Builder.CSS is in the UI. This time I decided to implement console-like interface that works with a simple set of commands for listing, adding, removing, settings options and building the list of files. Don’t be mislead by the screenshots – regardless of what you see, Builder.JS is an application that works in the browser. All you need is the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.




You can download Builder.JS directly from this url or go to it’s home page on Acid.JS. You can combine it with Builder.CSS. Happy use!

Builder.JS is also included in the latest release of Acid.JS Web.UI.

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