HTML5 Guitar Chord Finder (Beta) Released

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GuitarChords.JS is the result of a fun experiment with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript that eventually went crazy with the ability to play the selected chord (no Flash, but real HTML5 audio), chord inversions and types and cool real-life stompbox interface with customizable LED display, knobs, buttons and large play button.

GuitarChords.JS - HTML5 Chord Finder and Player

And this is just the Beta release! Even more to come in the official release soon.

BETA Release Features:

Planned Features for the Official Release

Supported Browsers:

GuitarChords.JS does not initialize on older versions of Internet Explorer.

Technologies Used:

JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 Audio, JSON and SVG. SVG has been used in Internet Explorer to achieve consistent gradients instead of using the classic filter gradient that bleeds through on elements with rounded borders.



Visit the info page for GuitarChords.JS, view the demo or download it straight away. The component is included in the latest version of Acid.JS Web UI too.

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