TabStrip.XML 2.0 AJAX Tabstrip Control Released

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TabStrip.XML is a lightweight, yet powerful, skinnable and crossbrowser AJAX driven control for creating tabbed interfaces for websites.

It is easy to configure by simply adding a few lines of code and defining tabstrip placeholder – <div>…</div> element with an ID on the place where the tabstrip should render.

Multiple instances with different skins are supported on a single page. The full version comes with a set of 12 cool skins to fit any website design.

What’s new in version 2.0:

1. Improved rendering and loading speed
2. Support for Safari and Google Chrome
3. Easy 2-step installation on a webpage. The script may be up and running in 5 minutes


Online demo of TabStrip.XML

Download TabStrip.XML

TabStrip.XML information page

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