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Guestbook.XML is easy to use, AJAX driven, crossbrowser and skinnable guestbook that will give your visitors pleasant Web 2.0 experience on your website.

The setup of the script is a matter of minutes, and the Admin panel offers 100% flexibility and killer customization options – string customization, profanity filter, html filter, skin changer, various moderation and validation options, etc. The script uses a flat file for data storage and mySQL is not required, just PHP and Apache Web Server.

Each time somebody posts a message in your Guestbook.XML, you will receive a notification email.

The public side of Guestbook.XML works with all major browsers – Internet Explorer 6/7/8, FireFox 2/3, Opera 9/10Beta, Safari 3/4 Beta and Chrome 1x. The admin panel works with Internet Explorer 6/7/8, FireFox 2/3, Opera 9/10Beta.

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