TinySite.XML AJAX Content Management System 2.0 Has Been Released

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TinySite.XML is a lightweight and fully AJAX driven content management system for personal websites, blogs or band websites.

CMS is an application used to store, retrieve, modify or delete information, format it in a certain manner with a minimal effort. A CMS system also provides ready made tools that are used for interaction between the owners of the website built on top of that CMS with their visitors.

TinySite.XML has it all – page editor, drag-and-drop layout editor, themes, contact form, gallery, events / tourdates module, powerful form-element replacement components that add up to the almost flash-like experience, RSS and news editor and a couple of other cool add-ons that make the stay on the website pleasant.

Almost a year later after the first release, the new version is finally out with 100% reconsodered and rewritten public and admin part, rendering and tons of new features.

What’s new in version 2.0:

– Extremely fast rendering, improved themes and modules.
– Fully functional admin panel, where you can control most of the functions of the public website – change themes, add news / rss, set questions and answers to the voting poll, rearrange the layout with the new state-of-the-art drag and drop layout editor, add, edit, delete and modify pages and tons of other cool stuff.
– Extensive manuals and inline help in the admin.


– Apache Web Server 1.3.x or higher
– PHP 4.3.11 or higher
– safe_mode off
– memory_limit 32MB or more
– No mySQL – all data is stored in flat files
– .htaccess
– ability to modify php.ini



Download TinySiteXML 2.0 Lite

Visit the new website of TinySite.XML and view demo.

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