10 Dirty CSS Tips and Tricks

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Here is a collection of 10 CSS tips, tricks in blogposts I have written during the last year that you may find useful:

01. Better Image Scaling and Resampling in Internet Explorer
02. Setting Opacity and Other Filters in Internet Explorer 8
03. The 32 External CSS Files Limitation of Internet Explorer and More
04. Unobtrusive CSS Loading Indicator for Images
05. CSS: Filtering and Distinguishing Google Chrome and Safari
06. Controlling the CSS Opacity Rate of Child Elements in Transparent Parents in Internet Explorer
07. $style – Get Any CSS Property Value of an Object
08. Emulating border-color: transparent in Internet Explorer 6
09. An Exotic CSS Hack for Internet Explorer
10. CSS Watermark
11. Using CSS to Style Radiobuttons and Checkboxes in Safari and Chrome

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