SpinBox.JS 2.1 Released – With Keyboard Navigation and 3 New Modes

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Version 2.1 of SpinBox.JS has arrived with:

And yet more:

SpinBox.JS is an unobtrusive and almost codeless way to turn the ordinary input text boxes into cool looking, multifunctional and skinnable spin boxes.

All you have to do is to create a normal text input on the page, give it an ID, edit a few arguments, set a skin in the initialization script and hit F5 to view the amazing transformation.

On this demo page you will learn how to do this. Installing, configuring and running the script is a matter of minutes.

SpinBox.JS comes with a set of 10 predefined skins – Acid, AcidMachine, Blue, Default, Green, Mac, Office2003, Office2007, Red and WeMakeSites. Applying skins is done automatically after setting a skin name in the declaration of the spinbox, and you will not have to add manually style or link tags. SpinBox.JS supports multiple skins on a single page, and you may use a different skin for each SpinBox on the page, as shown below. Creating a custom skins does not require expert skills in CSS programming, and basically you have to change a couple of CSS properties in the skin files.

SpinBox.JS supports all properties that can be applied to a normal text input element – enabled, disabled, name, alt, title, id and readonly. You may also separately enable or disable the increase or decrease buttons.

This script is included in the latest version of Acid.JS – The AJAX Tools and Widgets Library as well.

Download SpinBox.JS.

View Online Demo of SpinBox.JS.
Visit the Webpage of SpinBox.JS.

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