TinySite.XML Content Management System 1.0

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

The Fine Art of Web Development by Martin Ivanov

TinySite.XML is a lightweight AJAX-driven and JavaScript-based CMS suitable for small websites. It uses a flat XML file for data storage and retrieval and provides almost codeless site development and maintenance, targetting even unexperienced users with a basic knowledge of HTML. The result is valid, semantic and accessible code with cool looks and killer loading speed.

The lite version of TinySite.XML comes with two predefined site layouts and a couple of skins, that can be modified using CSS. Along with the easy content management it provides, the lite version also comes with a set of components such as:

All these components are easily configurable as they are loaded from xml files. The good news is that they could be turned off and on from the website’s config file, so webmasters that do not need a particular component can simply exclude it from the page rendering.

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