Strange Bug with FireFox 3 and FireBug 1.2.0b3

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I noticed an interesting issue with FireFox 3 and FireBug 1.2.0b3.

Certain sites using the XmlHttpRequest object, parse xml data or the scripts use the
Element.getAttribute() method throw a JavaScript error “Permission denied to
call method Element.getAttribute()
“. This happens when FireBug is enabled.

If you disable FireBug (Tools > Add-ons > FireBug > Disable) and then
restart FireFox – the problem is gone.

I believe the FireBug guy is aware of this issue and will fix it soon, as
the latest FB is still in a beta version.

Test with FireFox 3 and FireBug 1.2.0b3 on / off this page:

Rock on.

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