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ColorPicker.XML 2 is a cool AJAX-driven color picker, that enables users to create multiple color pickers on a single webpage, use a set of ready-made skins and color presets in a few minutes. All you have to do is to declare the colorpicker(s) placeholder(s) – a simple <div /> with an ID (although, practically any html element could be used as a placeholder), set a number of useful properties related to it’s appearance and functionality and reload the page. The script well generate semantic and accessible html code with amazing functionality and versatility. The set of skins allows the colorpicker to be integrated into any design. On the other hand, custom skins may be created with ease even by unexpercienced users in no time.

Of course, you may attach custom functions that set color to any css property (and respectively html element) or execCommand(”, ”, ”) in browser-based rich-text editors.

Please, refer to the INSTALLATION_NOTES.txt, included in the distribution file for more information about the properties and their usage.

This script is included in the latest version of Acid.JS – The AJAX Tools and Widgets Library as well.

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