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RESTful API for Encyclopaedia Metallum

This is an unofficial, third party RESTful API developed and maintained by me for retrieving metal bands data (band and artist bios, discographies, line-ups, etc) from Encyclopaedia Metallum.

Responses from the method calls are in JSONP format and the service is free, however providing an API key along with the requests is required. To use the API you should get a free API key from here first.

This service is not endorsed by or affiliated with Encyclopaedia Metallum.

You can check the documentation on this page and start using the API straight away.

Free RESTFul Services Builder, Debugger and Tester

RESTBuilder is a free web-based JavaScript client for building, debugging and testing RESTFul services. It can be inserted to any web-site during it’s development process and make the REST requests testing fun and easier, providing nice interface, a lot of customization options, error handling and support both for same- and cross-domain requests to custom and public APIs like Twitter and Facebook.

It is a must-have tool that can be used along with our CSS Builder and JavaScript merger and obfuscator tools.

Key Features

  • Can be injected to a local web-site for testing it’s REST services.
  • Support for cross-domain requests and public APIs (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  • Sleek, customizable, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Optional syntax highlighting for the response data object.
  • Error handling for cross-origin request.

If these sound good and useful to you, you can go to the info page, check the demo or download RESTBuilder. Make sure you visit component’s help and API page to learn how to include and use the tool in your own projects.

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